Wednesday, 27 September 2017

our solar system

today we made our movie and we had to get in our group and my group is phoniex julia latisha and vealassa.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

useing arrays

We are learning to: use arrays to solve multiplication problems

Repeated addition

Create an array that for each multiplication problem. Double click the image then copy and paste the shape to create the array.


Make arrays for the following problems. Create the array for these word problems.
A camp ground has 4 cabins which can sleep 2 people in each cabin. How many people can stay in the cabins?
Simon cooked eggs for his family. There were 4 people in the family and each person had 3 eggs. How many eggs did Simon cook?
Sam bought three bags of potatoes. There were eight potatoes in each bag. How many potatoes did she buy?

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


File:Peacock Milwaukee County ...

What is a female called?
It means a woman
Why is their garden a special place for the peacocks? Because it good  
Because it good Space for them to have.
Why does mum get frustrated with the peacocks sometimes?
Because the Background is special for them to eat and play.
What will Jessie do to stop the peacocks eating the berries?
Because there were geting so bigger and bigger.
What is the netting for?
It for the vegetable to cover it.
Why does a Peacock raise its tail?
Because it fluff up the feathers like a fan.
What does it mean by ‘shoo those birds away’?
Make the birds away so they don’t come and eat  raspberry.

Friday, 8 September 2017

1 to tens

Cross country

As I stood at the starting line, waiting for Mr. Burt to yell “Go,”  I felt as if… as if Mr burt say go i was so scared because lots of girls were very fast some of them. When we went I was very tired doing running and I stop for little bit and then start running and keep going. I went of lots of girls and I have more girls to catch. But I wasn’t catching up and I keep running until I get to the finish line. As we got to the finish line I felt like I Couldn't breathe that much so as I sat down on the court I feel so happy to sat down and Watch the big kids running. As it finish I was very hungry at the end of the cross country we at our food in mourning tea. We did our work.. Then lunchtime ring then we got our lunch time food then ate and then we have a little play at the prake or talking to my friends soon as it finish we went back to the court because there is lots of kids in pt england school so we got more to watch. The kids of the house copan was hinea moana hikianalia te rere hokulea so I was in hine moana. Findlay it was finish and I came 8th on cross country.  

MY rocket ship

Screenshot 2017-08-28 at 09.34.25.png

My rocket ship looks like there was people inside the rocket ship it was a girl and boy. On the middle bottom of the rocket ship the colour of the rocket ship is blue like a water there's a shape on the water. I love the design of the bottom of the colour of the red. because the red looks like a fire.

When I go to the rocket ship this elevator takes you all the way up. It is 13 steps to get up from the elevator. When I got to the rocket ship it was very big up to the house because a rocket ship is bigger than anyone. When you are Giant you are almost up to the rocket ship height is 2000 feet tall. The rocket ship has a talking voice. It says 3 2 1 blast off at the back of my rocket ship there is a fire Dragon breathing at the back of me rocket ship.

We went to the stardome and look at some Interesting stuff from the planet like the sun is a star in our solar system and saturn has lots of rings. Lots of planet have lots of moon but not earth. Earth has 1 moon in the solar system.