Friday, 3 July 2020

Best highlight

My best highlight in term 2:

It’s coming to the end of term 2, this is our last day of term 2 so I am going to write about my best highlight of term 2. My first best one is staying at home and doing my work, the reason why I like staying home is because when you are hungry you can grab a snack from the fridge without asking the teacher. Another best highlight is having a shared lunch with everyone and it might be my best day of term 2, because we were saying goodbye to our lovely teacher Miss Donaldson who is leaving to another school. We had the best time spending with her. And we had some pizza along with some fizzy drinks and other stuff.

Monday, 29 June 2020


Task Descriptions:
I couldn't finish the whole task because we didn't have time but tomorrow we are going to finish the rest of our learning task. hope you enjoy!

Update: I have updated it and here is the full answers.


Task descriptions: This is boot camp it is a story about a family member name Joey who almost lost everything, he lost his girlfriend, and so he lived with his mum but also got kick out because he was giving his mum a hard time. He has a niece that is very close it is his sister daughter. he goes boot camp every weekends just for one day. then something went down his friends are in a gang and they walk slowly but they made it look like something was not right, and they keep on telling uncle Joey to come back with them but Joey refuses to listen to them and he knew that his niece was getting scared so the uncle Joey just speed down the streets. what do you think might happen next.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Missing Girl who has been found!

This is my newspaper that I have made and in the middle of this newspaper this is a story that I have made, it's about a four year old girl who has been kidnapped and has been found in 5 years later but she forgot her family and didn't know who she was:.,

At 12:09 wednesday 15th june 2015 a family of four has lost there 4 year old daughter who's was kidnapped In LA, the family was worried and so they called right away when they found out that there daughter who's name was Maya, was gone.

 once they have called the police. there kidnapper has gone far away in LA. So the police in America had to search, but they couldn't find her anywhere.

Now, five years later, the girl has been found. She was found inside a basement and she had been there the whole time. She couldn't even remember her real family and she thought her kidnapper was her parent!

Black Lives Matter

Task description:
My task for today is about Black Lives Matter. What I had to do was to read this article and see if it's real or not. if your reading it make sure to double check if it's really true. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Scandalous Satire.

Task descriptions:
Here is my task and what we have to look at the text and we have to do some research on goggle. but here is what i did.