Thursday, 18 October 2018

art symbols story

today me and y class room 9&10 did Aboriginal art symbols.
what we did is we use these symbols and made our own story.


today i did my subtraction on maths. i hope you like it


:Last year, was a family day what we did is we had our whole entire family went to rainbow’s end. First thing is we buyed some food to eat, and  we drove all the way to Rainbow’s end while the other’s buy food and drink. After the others just arrived at Rainbow’s I felt very excited. For a while my family go to that man to pay so we can go and have fun. Finally we went inside were those table for people to eat and watch nice people sing on the big stage. We had our food that we bring and we put it on the table to eat, our family sat down and talking and laughing and having fun. We finish eating and start play the first thing we went is the roller coaster and we went to the other and it was lots a fun and the best thing is we stayed there till night with our family.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


today i am doing addition and i solve it all by myself. hope you enjoy


This is my work for Dmic. this is what me and my group did this by solveing this problem.
and here is our work and hope like it.

Term 4 intro Writing

Malo lele kia ora, and greetings to all, my name is Victoria Samasoni I am a year 5 at Pt england school. My teachers are Mrs Moala and Miss West. we are doing art and learning how to paint, draw.  it is very fun to do, when you and your friends are painting and sharing ideas. is to focus on stuff and finish it when the your painting is finish but there’s still one more to do but it is hard to draw or paint slowing and take your time. But if you rush it, it would not look too finish it off and focus on my work.they can support by helping because when i draw it makes me focus on reading, writing,Nervous, when stuff need to be done sometime it very hard and I’ll try my best to do the hard one.