Friday, 24 May 2019

Compass Directions

Escape the Amazon Forest

Rosario story: I was stuck in the jungle full with creatures and trees and all other kinds, it all started while i was walking on the path that has bush and mushroom in the wood then i heard something then i followed the sound of it then once i stop to the sound when it stopped then I was thinking “i’m i just going crazy?” then i notice that i was lost so i try to found my way out. AFTER ONE HOUR OF BEING IN THE FOREST

So after walking around looking terrified of what is going to happen to me i keep thinking that i’m going to be okay. But i was carrying a bag with me that i pack when i was going to the forest so what i had in my bag was a water bottle just in case i’m might get thirsty then next is that i have toilet paper, foods, and other stuff you’ll be needing. Once so i took out my water bottle and my food and start eating because I was hungry, AFTER 20 MINUTES EATING. Then i once heard a trap so I wonder what was there, I walked until I saw the trap and saw a girl i ask her what was her name and she said, “Hi I’m Samantha what’s your name?” then I replied “Oh Hi yes my name is Rosario do you need a hand?”. And Samantha said “yes please” So I helped out with her with the traps and all the stuff that we need to do. So after a while of setting up the traps and the other stuff to catch any creatures like a snake, alligators and a lot of those other stuff. Once so we need to build our house that we need to sleep but there was no other thing’s but just wood but don’t know how to cut it up. So we just lay in our bags and use the Leaves and once we're hungry so I thought i still had some food in my bag. So after we ate we pack our stuff and start finding our way out. Then i saw a path then i saw a mushroom and a bush and I remember that this is the path i was on in the beginning when i was in this path. Se i tried and lead the way, try to figure out where was the way but Samantha says she knew the ways out. She took me out then I thank her for taking me the way out.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Today our reading task was about U-Turn we had to find out how are they were feeling by the facile on their face's so this is the task we are doing. hope you enjoy my reading task. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Three Liitle Pigs.

Once the Mother decide for her sons to move out because their were all big and grown.So they walked and walked until they stopped in the middle of the forest to build there house. So the first one build out of hays then the next one build his house with sticks. Then the last one had build hers with bricks
They were happy because they house was finish so they wanted to take a break they went inside their house. But little did they know the bear was watching them because he was really hungry and hasn’t eaten for days so he thought that today was his lucky day.So he tiptoed  all the way to the the first house witch is build out of hays he went up to the house and said “Hey! Open your door little piggy” then the piggy said “NO! I’m not gonna open the DOOR!. The pig was out of fear, the bear said “then if you don’t open the door then i’ll HUFF and I’ll PUFF and i’ll blow your house down. The bear blew the house down with a big blow then the first piggy ran to the next house.After the first piggy ran to the next house witch also is build out of sticks the wolf said “Hey! I know you're in here OPEN THE DOOR!!!” then the two piggys said “NO I WON’T NOT LET YOU IN!!”, and the bear said “THEN I’LL HUFF AND I’LL PUFF AND I WILL BLOW YOUR HOUSE DOWN!!”. The house blew down and the two pigs were SCARED! So they ran to the last house.They went to the house that was build out of bricks so they locked themself in the house crying, And also the bear came again “OPEN YOUR DOOR AGAIN OR IF YOU DON’T THEN SOMETHING GONNA HAPPEN!!”. Then he Huff and Puff and he blew the house down then the brick house didn’t blew down then he did it again but didn’t work so he got an idea so he grab a ladder and then he climbed all the way on top of the house then he saw the cimberline then the bear came down then the piggys turn on the fire then that what had blew the bear away