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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Magic number.

today we have been doing some magic number and making it with the hundreds board and some tidy tens.

Monday, 5 March 2018

respect wirting

You may want to begin writing here, rather than into the boxes above:

And I respect to my friend phoenix because she is very kind to me and she is my best friend.

I listen to my teachers because if i dont then i don't know what to do.

I respect to school is show kindness to everyone and i help little kids if they fall down and get hurt.

sentence types

Beginning of 2018

Wiring about fairy world

Once upon a time there was a forest that people that have not been there.

Then a girl name rozario she had friends name ilani olivia  narrea was walking down to the forest where nobody goes. The next she and her friends  found a horse standing alone by itself waiting for someone to come and be the horse friend it was girl horse so they name it sara the horse so they took turns so it start with narrea then olivia and ilani. Then it was rozario clime on the horse  then she ride it but her friends was behind her she was riding then she closed her eyes then once she open it she hit into a big tree and fall down. Then something mysterious happens a fairy was very friendly came and help rozario but then rozario wake up and say where am i said rozario. The fairy name hannah she said are you alright said hanna then rosario said yes thank you, rozario. One day she bring rozario to the secret world  filled with fairies around the forest where nobody goes. Her friends were looking for her but they lost her and got stuck inside the forest there was a queen name lina. She told hannah that there will no human in the land of fairies then hannah say, but it only humans she not going to hurt us but the queen said yes but it the rules of the fairies so hannah said to rozario I am so sorry but it the queen rules. Rosario sayed ok time for me to go. Once she left it was midnight she tried to find someone. But  once she cry and cry and she sing a song for someone to come and save her but her friends ilani olivia narrea came to save her then rosario say thank you guys for saving me and they what were you doing alone. Rosario say the fairies help me but they say what fairies so rosario here so they said wow so they say thank you for looking after her so they say thank you and said bye bye.

Friday, 2 March 2018

human knot.

3. Start writing here:
Today me and the group put our hands together and then we got tiggild  and we have to find a way to not get our hands tiggild. Then we tried and there was 6 of us so karurani say to us to put our hands out like a circle so all of us made a circle and there was one more left it was julia then karurani said to her turned around then we made it and i felt like I was tied up with my group and i was so nervous.

A Visit to the butterfly house

The secret cave

So me and my group read this book called the secret cave and then we went and work on our work what happens in the story.