Tuesday, 11 April 2017

making equal goups.


I felt very nervous to ride on the superman rollercoaster It when It started I felt I  was in trouble and hear the voice talking It was cuting of the voice, saw some crash car see the water fall and felt like you are  going to fall. when we went there we stop it tack 3 sekin
It went so fast, it went stat and then it go up. The ride went down. It was so fast the ride look like it it was too, speeding like a morabike speedeing. The ride can  took 40 sekin and then the ride stop and it let the other peopple  can have a truned. The ride took peoppel who don’t have a truned they can have a truned off the ride. The ride it close they go home they have an amizing day they wish they can go aorther day because the rollercoaser  is fun it was the bset rollercoaster it can go fast. It can go up and felt you are in dranger because the crash car and the voice from the sbeker was talking to us it was calling for superman coz they need help superman help because superman is strong he saves anyones if they are in danger  he save them.

the relay race

This morning on monday we play obstacle course at 9 when we do our mikhi and waiata and the karakia we
went outside on the field when we went there we line up the boys challge girls   and we take tuned we hold the relay pole.   when we finish we pass to the other proson so they can have another turned. When they finish they past to someone.  the relay batton make someone dizzy and difficult and they fall but sometime  when a person fall down they get up and running so fast so the can catch another. Msr moran explain what we need to do we grab the relay batton and we spinn 3 4 and jump on the 3 hurdes an do the skipping  on the hula hoop. Then go around the cone  and come back if someone had a turn  we sit down on our keen  and put our hand in our head.

When the student firnsh we line up in one line and we go back to class and then we wirting about it.

haunted house

in the middle of the night I was Ilone by myself. It was look like i was in the haunted house  Because it was so old one day i went outside i saw a gane on the trees and a sind on the tree. I went upstairs and took one step the stress starts shaking like an earthquake then i get of and took a look around the haunted house and so thrty i saw a photo of the family they die in 1978 and they kids die in 50100 it was a logtime ago. I went outside and took a look around and see a graveyard and it was bevy and hread a mysterious noes form the Room. and went upsters fase and itb was a girl say help and went get because she was Stuk inside and never come back.

my animations term 1

This my animations and I am lerning to pick up the rubbish to make our einvarintomant clean and nice so it Can not have rubbish. if we don't pick up the rubbish it well be lot rubbish in it.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Friday, 7 April 2017

duffy book

Today i was very lucky and blessed to get my own duffy book. thanks heaps duffy.