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Writing - Narrative Week 6 Term 2 2018
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Ako 3
Miss Moala

Water Bucket

Click the picture to watch the video.

Send these animals off on an adventure together. Where are they going? How are they going to get there? How will they know where to go?

Write to narrate (tell) a story about this adventure.

What problem is caused?
How is it solved?

Think about:
  • where your story is set
  • who your characters are – what they do, what they say, and how they think and feel
  • the problem and how it is solved
  • the order of your ideas and how they are linked.

Remember to:
  • choose your words carefully
  • take care with your spelling, punctuation, and sentences
  • edit – add or delete words or sentences to improve your work.

Planning Space
  1. There was a Unicorn walking around the land of Unicorn.
  2. A Unicorn a book that don’t look like the Unicorn’s book.
  3. She grab it then something shining came up and chang the weather.
  4. Then all the bad mens came out of the book but the Unicorn run because they were scared


tart Writing Here:

On a summer day there was a Unicorn land but there was the colorful rainbow Unicorn name diana she was, walking around the land, after looking around the land she found something it was a book but not like the Unicorn book the colors on was black and green.

she pick it up then something wrong happen, she thought that she did something to herself but she knew that she don’t did something wrong it shine up in the sky and it change the weather to lighting all the bad mens came out too to take over the Unicorn land, but the king came out his name was scar there were bad Unicorn all the good Unicorn run away because there nothing to do but diana can not think of something.

The king when inside the castle chang everything in the castle but it not like all the bad mens were just bad there was one person,Name johnson he was not bad because he was one of the good Unicorn but long time ago the king came back and force them to be his army he was hiding in the bruch’s but diana was try to think of something to stop the bad mens and scar but someone made a nose but it was johnson making the nose’s then he came out of the bruch’s then told her there is a way to break the spell but the king got it so be careful because there will be something can hurt you.

Next day she sneak inside the Unicorn castle and the book of the bad mens was in was inside the king’s room it was lock and all the windows was lock too, but just not all the window’s she clinb on the outside of the castle then she opened all the window and break the spell.

The end     

today we had to show what we can write when we have 40 minutes to wirte without talking to others we were able to work quietly to complete the task.

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  1. You done such a good job in writing.This week in reading we were learning about can humans fly like birds.What are you doing in reading this week.