Thursday, 14 June 2018

Matariki recount

On Friday it was matariki day, on the 8th of June so what we did is we split into groups so I was in the cooking group but were I have to meet my group was at the hall.

My teachers was Miss Vaafusuaga, Mr Moran, Mrs Wiseman and lucky tyson Vaafusuaga told us the Instructions so first thing that we did keo rahi i Did not know how to play so I watch the prefix doing the game, so i know how to play the game but we had Different group’s. So as we play the game we had a break from doing our game that we had play before so after that it was morning tea. And we went to the hall to get our lunch to eat when it was morning tea. The bell ring so we have to go to the hall so what we were doing is cooking so what we cook was rice bubble cupcake so here what you need is to have butter sugar rice bubble and some honey then next is you mix then i put some Sprinkles then I eat it and i think of it was to much of honey. And now was our final game it was dodgeball game so that was our last game so we played it so there was a two team so it green team and yellow team so we start the team and what we have to do is if one of my team got the ball we have have to give the ball to the person that’s is standing on the dot so you have to pass it to them and they move to another dot. So after it was finished the green won the game but now we have to go in the hall to talk about something, so all of us went in the hall and we sat on the ground like we do on the normal friday’s Mr Burt said you have To remember the special people you love. Then we look all the pt england kids looking at there work that there have done so they go on the stage and show it to everyone. Soon it was finished but there was 2 or 3 more it was movies my favorite movie was Thunder movie, and now it was finished we get to go home and have a good day.

so today we done is we are working on our matariki on Friday and talking about what happen on matariki day hope you guys injoy.


  1. Hi my name is Yolanda your friend I love your writing it is so cool reading it. how do you feel about your writing.

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