Friday, 17 August 2018


My Hauora

Movie Narrative

A Long time ago was a school called paraf school there was a new girl named Makayla Mickelastar she is a new student At paraf school. About them they do some prize and fun stuff like challenge and do competition like those stuff. It was Her first day on Monday the 5th of 1999 of March, so she went to her class she opened the door and said good morning class she went to the table and stand next to it and introduce herself, ~!Hi”class! My name is Maykayla Mickelaster I am 15 years old I came from south hamilton at new zealand, I moved here because my cousin is sick so we had to moved away to make my family feel better so that it. The teacher’s name was Miss Jessica she got some secrets About Maikayla the kids know because the teacher got caught front of the kids and other teachers.Maikayla was doing her work she was talking to someone named selena grace she was talking to her and said Hi and the other Hi have you ever heard about miss Jessica said selena she is always mean she won’t let us do anything fun and she up to something said selena every single student that is new at paraf school she alway treats them very badly so maybe it gonna be you next. So Maikayla went for a walk at the park thinking very carefully about miss Jessica and said to herself why” would miss jessica would do this to new “student said Maikayla.
It was day two Maikayla went to her class when she saw miss jessica growling at the teenageers and the teenageers were shocked.

TO Be Continued..

Thursday, 16 August 2018


today this week we had Quiz the link is Quiz and we learn about being cybarsmart hope you injoy this Quiz


today we did Dmic and we had to do with our groups.
my groups were Kolopa & Madison