Wednesday, 23 May 2018


today we are learning tummyache and this show my work what have i done. so what we are doing is we are answering the question how many lollies did each four kids get. hope you injoy.


this week we are working on our airaplanes fly. today i worked with nature tori and patience. and how dose airaplanes.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Ball Experment

On monday Mrs West and Miss Moala wanted to do an experiment.
The experiment was the ball there was a small ball and the big ball
Mrs west, Miss moala had a talk about the balls so they work as a team so Mrs West and miss moala pick who is going to take the big ball and take small ball. As they pick their ball after that they stand on the chair and they hold it at the same height. they drop it and  the small pretty ball drop with the big ball on the ground. as the ball drop down to the ground the small pretty ball cracked right to the ground. But Miss Moala had to clean it up because she pick the small pretty ball.

Mrs West stode in a chair so did Miss moala and they  holding a ball And they drop it at the same speed and as Miss Moala small ball cracked to the ground and as Miss Moala drop the ball it was a mess so Miss Moala  clean her mess because she pick the small ball. Then after that they talk how can the small can’t bounce back up and how can the big ball bounce up.

The small ball can’t bounce with the big ball because the small ball had no air and it is lighter. Lighter means that something not heavier than a big ball.

if the small ball can bounce with the big ball at the same time.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Patience's birthday.

Today is the 19th of may.

Today i was going to Patience birthday to say happy Birthday to Say Happy Birthday to patience as I walked in I was scared because it was my first time being in patient's house but I was walking and I saw Latisha and zyla too  as I was walking inside the house.
what we did inside was face painting my face painting as a flower with the other girls too.
then next weekend as we went inside this what patience table look like it was so cool that she had lots of lollies and her table and lots of cupcakes  on her table.
The next we did we went upstairs because patients forgot to show us the stairs the first room was patients mum dad’s room the next room was patience and her sister name and Anahere room next room was hone room and on the side is patience desk it was full of loom bands but it was an a stack on the side but as soon as we been on the stairs it was fun playing with patience play with the slime  that's I brought for her.

even though patients cousins came with us too as she opened it she was very happy with the presents that I bought for her she said to me I thank you Victoria and I said that you are so welcome. and I told her that if I could play with her slime and she said yes you can and when I play with the slime it was pokey and it was cool. but at one PM we had Kai I had cupcakes and pizza of lollies too.
But when it  strike to 3 my mum was her an i sayed to patience goodbye and patience Mum give me some lollies and gave me some loom bands witch was cool and fun.

This how it went on  patience birthday party

Friday, 18 May 2018


today this is my learning today i am learning about bat. so hope you enjoy it.


today we are learning about cantilevered witch is the bridge. so I did it with patience and sauma Thanks to them for helping me to work on this. so i hope that you guys enjoy it.